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About Us

Core Values

1.) We trust God’s Word as the foundation and filter for everything we do.

2.) We humbly and desperately seek the Lord through personal and corporate prayer.

3.) We understand that the local church is not a building but is a unified spiritual community called to gather corporately and to do life together in authentic and intentional relationships.

4.) We rely on the gospel for both abundant life in the present and a secure relationship with God for eternity.

5.) We challenge followers of Jesus to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and for the spiritual growth of others.

6.) We mobilize people to sacrificially live every aspect of their lives for the purpose of Christ.

7.) We equip Christ followers of the next generation to be salt and light where God places them.

8.) We value and cultivate generational, socioeconomic, and ethnic diversity in every aspect of our church culture.

9.) We seek to be both generous and strategic in the sharing of our resources, talents, and gifts to achieve the greatest impact.

10.) We recognize that God’s mission for the Church is the most important in the world so everything we do should reflect the immeasurable value and urgency of that mission.